1. That was so sweet. She reminds me of so many people in New York. Thank you for the lovely video. This is a great series, and I can’t wait to see Astoria. 🙂

    • Señora Emma que requerdos me have recordad mi abuela y mi Madre y De Sullivan’s Bar muchos besos De Connie

  2. I just happened to see my friend Maureen’s mother, Emma Montero Sulivan, on TV, in a story about their bar on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn. What a special memory! Un abrazo a la mama de Maureen, a Maruja y Pepita!

  3. I grew up near there and my father John Costello was friends with Emma and Husband .He spend may times having dinner with Emma and her cousins and it became his second family. You could not asked for better people. Special place special people.

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