Joe Chirico’s mother, Marietta, opened a dry goods store to supplement the family income during the Great Depression. Today Joe is in his 90s and is still selling socks, underwear and cobbler aprons at the Carroll Gardens storefront.

3 thoughts on “Mini #8: JOE CHIRICO, CARROLL GARDENS

  1. Hello, MY husband and I rearly would appreciate information on how we can watch this show we cannot find it on our Direct TV.CAN you please tell us , is this show still on ? I also try to watch it on my tablet and it’s not playing. Thank you Donna & Joe

  2. I lived on Carroll St. around the corner from Marietta’s Dry Goods Store. We’re like cousins through a marriage of his sister & my cousin. I knew the family well. His mother dad, Dominick & brother Mathew. I can only say “wow”.

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