When Pawnee Sills graduated from high school, she left her parent’s farm in North Carolina and moved to New York City to become an actor. She also became part of the community of “pioneers” that moved into Westbeth Artists’ Housing in 1970.

2 thoughts on “Mini #10: PAWNEE SILLS, WEST VILLAGE

  1. Bless these people. They are the vanishing breed that made N.Y.C full of character, happiness and passion. Keep these segments coming. Thank you for a very important contribution to N.Y.C. history.

  2. I was blessed to have Pawnee Sills as a acting teacher back I the 90`s in middle school and I’m 30 now I wish I knew that I was in the presence of an acting pioneer i really cherish the lessons that she taught me and her contributions to the African American culture I will always love you

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