From Giglio Feast to Three Kings Parade to legendary art opening, Williamsburg’s Italian, Puerto Rican & creative residents tell the evolution of this hipster hood.


  1. Awesome season 2 opener on Williamsburg. Sonny Mangone is sn awesome storyteller! You can feel the love he has for his neighborhood.

  2. I love you all. Thank you. You are lovely and touching people. This is a great show. You are stars. Thank you. I hope you will be on again.

  3. we lived in Williamsburg till I was 17 then we moved to Queens. I feel Brooklyn is in my blood I feel I will always love Brooklyn we lived in Florida for 16 years ppl would say your from Brooklyn they would say I can tell the way you talk…. I am proud to be from Brooklyn we are now back in NY… we go to the feast every year my son and grandson are lifters for the Giligo .

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