Take a stroll down Court Street, where Italian Mom & Pop shops hold fast amid an onslaught of new, trendy boutiques & changing demographics.


  1. From Ellis Island to Carroll Gardens their journey made me the luckiest kid alive! I have been both blessed and honored to be born into and grow up in this tiny neighborhood that is now the envy of those who have moved in because they cannot buy the experience nor can they purchase the true richness of having known the heart and soul of America in the varied mom & pop shops that once infused our streets with a spirit that mere words could never embody. Each of these heroes will always be remembered as we share our history with our children and grandchildren. So as for me and mine…food is always better and more delicious when served the next day as “leftovers”! Name calling is most unbecoming!

    • Buddy!

      OK, I’m one of the two kids who lived directly across from the funeral home. There was my brother, Steve, and I am Ray Taranto. I’m sad to say Steve died in 2010 at 64. I still miss him. Steve and I would work for your Dad every time it snowed to shovel your properties.

      I speak often of this drop-dead good looking guy with a 1960 white Buick Invicta convertible with a red vinyl interior who took all of us street urchins in his car to joy ride and play handball. You made a life time impression on Steve and me and I’d like to think I’m a little kinder because of your influence.

      Kid Brother Gerald directed me to this site. It is great! You look great!

      To this day I don’t know why you bothered with us and were so very kind. Just told my wife you were/are the best looking man I ever saw (Brad Pitt included).

      God Bless you and yours.

      Ray Taranto
      Hudson FL

      P.S. I’m glad I didn’t give in and take a dip in the Gowanus!

  2. I’m moving to Carroll Gardens in a month, and loved watching this. I want to visit each of these places and understand the neighborhood better. I really appreciate the history of it.

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