1. I watched and episode on the west village. I loved it!! It helped me to get an interest in a place i hung in when i was a teen in the 80’s. The show is great. Keep up the good work

  2. Watched this episode with my father and we loved it. I work in the West Village and it was exciting to see landmarks and learn about new places that I can visit after work. Definitely stopped by the Butcher Shop to check out what I’d want for future purchases and was able to smell the lamb sausages in person!

  3. Westbeth Artists Beautification Committee’s Fall Flea Market opens on Election Day. In fact, the November election always signals the OPENING of our Flea Market.
    We are an old school Flea Market (our 32nd year) with unusual and unique items coming from artist collectors and artist producers . We also have vintage items. We have almost everything you can think of housewares, clothing, lots of books, electronics, sporting goods, etc.This season we have a huge amount of Art Books, and we always have original art. Great prices and a great experience. This is the best indoor sale in New York City. You don’t want to miss it!
    The days and hours of the sale is below :
    55 Bethune St.,(elevator access) and 137 Bank St.(Stairs. Brings you directly into the shopping area), both at the corners of Washington St. Wheelchair access at 55 Bethune St., 744 Washington St., and 155 Bank St.
    “ELECTION DAY Tuesday, NOV. 8—10:00AM—6:00 PM
    VETERANS DAY Friday, NOV. 11— 11:00 AM—5:00 PM
    Saturday, – NOV. 12 11:00 AM —5:00 PM
    Sunday, — NOV. 13 11:00AM— 5:00 PM
    BAG’N’BOX SALE: SUNDAY NOV. 20 11:00AM —2:00 PM
    BUY a cardboard box and/or a big black plastic bag FROM US, $5 each and fill it.
    In the past you covered this event and you have been very helpful to us in getting the word out to your members. EMAIL ADDRESS. Gina Shamus, member of and publicist for the Westbeth Beautification Committee– 212-691-1574, ginashamus@verizon.net
    For more info, go to westbethfleamarket@gmail.com, westbeth.org, or call 212-691-1574”
    gina shamus, member of,and publicist for the Westbeth Beautification Committee

    In the Spring , we had a huge response to our Sale, and I believe much of it was due to YOUR MEMBERS . We were able to buy plantings (mainly flowers) for the trees that surround our building, and keep our rock garden on Bank St. also stocked with healthy plantings, so that all who walk by may enjoy our garden As you may know, Westbeth Artists Housing is a not for profit housing, and we also help keep our lobby looking good for all the visitors who come to our Art Center. Gina Shamus, member and publicist for the Westbeth Beautification Committee.

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