1. Who knew what Staten Island offered us Brooklynites! I’m sure my parents had no idea! This is a wonderful piece. And I love the series. Thanks Alexis. Cora

  2. We would love to be part of your White Party next year..my husband and I are both Native Staten Islanders, as well as our parents were also. We have lived n Tottenville since 1982 and just love it, but also have seen such big changes since then. I am originally from New Dorp, and my parents were from West Brighton and New Brighton, My husband’s parents were from West Brighton. I love “OLD” State Island and have such fond memories of days gone by.

  3. Our hats off to all,,,, hi mr. riccardi ?
    This was a wonderful video to watch especially being original
    Staten islanders……what memories you have shared!
    Thank You

  4. I cant believe there was only 40,000 people in Staten Island. I loved this Ive lived in Staten Island for a little while now (not as long these guys lol) and i always enjoy learning about the roots and what it was like before the Verazzano.

  5. Staten Island is such a beautiful place I’m so glad to be involved in this community and have the opportunity to work with the people and businesses here. Thanks for the great video I learned so much.

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