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HUFFINGTON POST: Neighborhood Slice: Into the Hearts of New York

These are some of our favorite viewer reviews. Keep ’em coming, we love hearing from you!

I love these small portraits of such rich lives. I love too that the City of NY has commissioned these. There is hope for public art in America!
Joan T.

This is so my Dad, but 10 years later! I Love it!
Erica H.

This is really wonderful! I laughed, I learned, and thought “What a wonderful life to arrive at 90 with such a smile”. Thanks so much for sharing it. Now I’ll be sharing it with others, too…
Charles M.

Love these films, (they) lift the spirits on a dull day.
Ari H.

These are DELIGHTFUL! I watch them 2 – sometimes 3 times – then I come back to them.
Shirley K.

Watch three minutes of the world going in the right direction (for once).
Melissa C.

Humans of New York come to life.

I love these so gd much!
Jon P.



2 thoughts on “REVIEWS

  1. I simply LOVE your program. And what a special treat it was to visit the Italian old timers in Carroll Gardens where I used to visit my grandparents way back in the 1960s! Wow!

    When there are 570 channels and nothing on, I always find myself at WNYE — and hoping Neighborhood Slice is on! 🙂

    • Thanks, Bill! That’s so nice to hear. We’re working on Season 2 now and can’t wait to share new episodes!

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